Powerball Is For Winners

When the Americans do something – anything - they do it to the fullest. America is the home of the 72 ounce steak. Finish it all and it's free (Protip: You can't finish it all). America houses the world's largest ball of yarn. Hell, America has the largest GDP – by a long shot. Literally twice as big as China. And china has more people than you can shake a stick at.

Another thing America does bigger, bolder and better than any other country on earth? Lottos. America is the home of the Powerball Lotto. This isn't just a big lottery. It's a HUGE lottery.

Think of EuroMillions in Europe. Big money there. 11 participating countries chipping in to the big jackpot pool ensures that. How about 45 states coming together and pooling their resources into one of the biggest lotteries the human race has ever seen? Powerball. $600,000,000 prize? Powerball. So yeah. It's big. And it's in America.

How Can You Play It?

If you want to go buy a ticket and hang on to it for the big win and you live in New York or any of the other 45 states that participate in the Powerball lotto then you're golden. Head to your nearest 7/11 and buy a ticket. Maybe you'll be the next big winner.

If you're living in Sweden or Malaysia or whatever, your local 7/11 ain't gonna cut it. If you want to get your greasy little sausage fingers on a legit ticket you need another way to do it. Luckily there's LotteryMaster. It's an online service that saves you the hassle of moving to America (Protip: you can't get a visa).

When you use LotteryMaster, you merely sign up, open an account, and it's like entering lottery Narnia. You will immediately have access to a bunch of cool lottos from around the world. You play them directly in your browser. Pick your numbers and wait for the draw. The beauty is that you don't need to go anywhere to collect. Your winnings go directly into your bank account. Like some kind of magic or something.

How Can You Win It?

I can only tell you how I won it. And I can tell you that it wasn't the jackpot. But a minor prize on the Powerball was enough for me to quit my 9-5 and start my own business selling fishing lures. (Protip: You need the right lure if you're gonna catch a fish).

If you've been paying attention to my protips you've already got a leg up. Just like catching bass, you have to lure in your win in the lotto. This means setting up the best numbers – those that bring on the wins.

You can find the data for all the winning numbers ever. The ones that appear over and over are the numbers you want. There's a reason they appear often. They're like the plastic worms of the lotto world. Like bass go nuts over plastic worms. Lady luck goes nuts over certain numbers. My metaphor might suck. But my method sure don't.